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Plomberie Richard Leduc Montréal 10402 Boul Gouin O

Plomberie Richard Leduc

10402 Boul Gouin O,
Montréal, QC H8Y 1W4, Canada
Téléphone: (514) 685-0575

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Avis des internautes sur Google pour Plomberie Richard Leduc

Rik Roe - 5/5

Called for help on a Sunday evening on return from a fishing trip to find a pond in my basement from a clogged drainage pipe. !0 am appointment was made for next day. Service was fantastically great and they showed up at 7:30am to be finished by 9am. Great work (this was a 2nd job from them in 3 years). Cannot congratulate them enough on the professionalism, efficiency, attitude and rates. Family is happy, no more pond, and life returned to normal. Easily dealt with, will always use and refer them 5 stars.

lundi 25 juillet à 09:47
Tania Marchitello - 5/5

I find your review questionable Mac Tayeb because had it been a small job the plumber would have done it at time and material. and thus he would not have been able to give you a price before the call was completed. It is possible he gave you a worse case scenario IE if you had rotten galvanized piping, or brittle Cast Iron however a technician doesn't usually give estimates. We have estimators for that. $45 is a travelling cost and an industry standard. perhaps there was a communication problem. $250 sounds more like a night rate. to me otherwise it is a pretty arbitrary number seeing as how their rates are no where near that for labor.

mardi 15 décembre à 20:18

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