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eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method v3

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method v3

par eMedia
    • Over 300 easy-to-follow piano lessons from distinguished Juilliard instructor including more than 70 video demonstrations.
    • Learn over 100 popular songs in a variety of genres: classical, blues, pop, and rock. Includes hit songs from artists such as Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, and Elton John!
    • eMedia’s Animated Keyboard shows fingerings as the music plays.
    • Select any section of a song or exercise and you can loop it, speed it up, or slow it down for focused practice. Select your own pace as you play along to color accompaniment tracks.
    • Instant Feedback shows when you play the correct notes in melodies. This works with both electronic keyboards and acoustic pianos.
    • Interactive Evaluation Feedback offers detailed feedback on your playing and scores your performance on songs and exercises. This type of feedback requires a MIDI-connected electronic keyboard.
    • Progress Tracking tracks your progress through the course including completed exercises and your best scores along the way.
    • Lesson screens are fully scalable and include the option for full-screen video.
UPC: 041114796748, 981516591889, 803982890252, 809187151358, 801200949447, 746290021027, 659213158628, 115970769144, 163120721825, 052778889707, 071020197841, 746290021010, 746290031057, 168141239793, 617407408423, 999900027159, 604945337827 EAN: 0604945337827, 0746290031057, 0617407408423, 0801200949447, 0052778889707, 0168141239793, 0163120721825, 0115970769144, 0041114796748, 0659213158628, 0746290021027, 0999900027159, 0803982890252, 0071020197841, 0746290021010, 0809187151358, 0981516591889
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